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An Introduction to Rainey Threadgill

Rainey ThreadgillWelcome to Rainey For those of you who haven’t met or done business with me, my name is Rainey Threadgill. I am a career entrepreneur and an executive businessman. I’m currently the President & CEO of Rainman Creative, and of Hented Interactive.

Rainman Creative is web design company, while Hented Interactive is a text-based customer communications platform. I founded Rainman Creative in 2010, and Hented Interactive in 2016.

My career has spanned more two decades. During that time, I’ve founded a number of diverse businesses, serving as the head of and leading them all. I’ve founded companies in all of the following three sectors:

  • Financial
  • Travel
  • Technology

In addition, I’ve also founded and headed Rainman Properties, LLC., a firm that specialized in real estate investment. I presently own and operate The Vintage Cellar, a winery in Fredericksburg, TX—near the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country. And I once owned and operated West End Pizza Company, a brick-oven, family pizzeria in Fredericksburg, TX.


I studied Business and Economics at the University of Texas at Austin, ultimately earning my bachelor’s degree. I then moved on to work at Worldview Systems Corporation, which would eventually evolve into Travelocity. My time at Worldview, which happened during the company’s transition to Travelocity, provided me with invaluable instruction regarding business and entrepreneurship.

In truth, I’m not sure I would’ve been successful in founding and running my first company without those experiences at Worldview. My first real venture into the world of entrepreneurship, Travel Currency, came in 1997, when I was fresh out of Worldview.

I spent more than a decade as President and CEO of Travel currency, and still look back on those years with great nostalgia. The company specialized in online trades for International Wire Transfers, as well as in Foreign Exchange services for the travel industry and for US corporations. I was blessed to be able to build that company into a top-tier brokerage provider.

Rainey Threadgill Hented InteractiveRAINEY THREADGILL: MY LATEST COMPANY

Hented Interactive represents my most recent entrepreneurial venture. The company, which I founded in 2016, specializes in business-based texting communication software (SMS) solutions. The Hented platform is easy to use, but full-featured. It offers scheduling- and reminder-related messages sent via text messages to customers who sign up for the service. I created Hented to help businesses foster long-term, personalized relationships with their customers, employees, and other publics. Although we’re already off to a great start with Hented, I’m expecting far greater things in the years ahead, and couldn’t be more excited about this company.

My idea for Hented first struck me back in 2015. I had missed a haircut appointment, and my barber informed later me that he’d tried calling to remind me about the appointment. As an extremely busy entrepreneur, however, I simply don’t have time for unsolicited phone calls. As such, because I didn’t know the number, I didn’t answer my barber’s call. It occurred to me that I probably wouldn’t have missed my appointment if I’d received a text-message reminder. Thus was Hented born.


I haven’t been this excited to be an entrepreneur—this excited about life—since founding Travel Currency some 20 years ago. I’m expecting great things in the years ahead from all my companies, but especially from Rainman Creative and Hented.

At Rainman Creative, we have built a San Antonio Web Design team that’s filled with skilled creative professionals. They live for helping businesses realize all their creative goals for web design, social media, and digital brand management. We’ve worked with several hundred companies since I founded Rainman, helping each of them achieve a variety of creative goals. We’d love to help your company, too.

Meanwhile, over at Hented Interactive, our team there is just as creative and every bit as enthusiastic about working for our ever-increasing pool of clients to improve their customer relationships. We’re thrilled to be able to collaborate with businesses of all sizes to improve communications with their clients and employees.

How can we help your business? My San Antonio web design team at Rainman Creative or my group of gifted communications specialists at Hented Interactive would love to partner with your company. And guess what? Rainman Creative and Hented both provide free initial consultations! Quit wondering about how you can leverage the power of the internet, social media, and text messaging to grow your business. We’d be privileged to help you start making it happen! Contact us today, and let’s get started growing your business!

We hope to hear from you soon. And we look forward to working with you. Until then, I offer best wishes to you, your family, and business. I wish you every happiness and success!


Rainey Threadgill

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I’m convinced that a life lived without hobbies is a deeply unsatisfying existence. Anyone who gives up too much of their free time for work is missing out. What’s more, people without any or few pursuits beyond work may well sabotage their careers and/or businesses in ways of which they’re not aware.

Hobbies can allow you to expand your social circles, launch a new business or career, attain additional education and career training, develop yourself into a more-well-rounded person, forge new relationships, and improve existing ones. Oh, and of course, hobbies are a great way to destress, relax, and get your mind and body ready to return to work.

With all that in mind, here are some of my own personal favorite pastimes. Spot anything that sparks your interest?

Rainey ThreadgillCajun Foods

Good food, of almost any kind, is definitely one of life’s great pleasures. But I have a special passion for authentic Cajun. Both my parents are from Louisiana, so my fervor for the cuisine is no surprise. What kinds of Cajun cooking do I prefer? Wow. That’s a tough question.

Maybe it’s gumbo? Then again, I adore jambalaya…oh, and andouille, and shrimp creole, too. Shrimp étouffée really hits the spot, too. Oh, and I love me some good ol’ crawfish étouffée (crawfish boil isn’t bad either). I’m also a big fan of po’ boys, Maque Choux, boudin balls and grilled alligator—oh, and Oysters Rockefeller. If you’re talking breakfast, I recommend pain perdu—Cajun style French toast. And if it’s dessert you’re after, go for the Bananas Foster, the beignets, and/or the Creole pralines.

What was the question?

Anyway, if you’re interested in taking up a Cajun cooking hobby, here’s a great recipe for gumbo. Here’s a recipe for crawfish étouffée and one for some down home-style shrimp étouffée. And here’s one for shrimp creole, and another for Corn Maque Choux. And just so you don’t skip breakfast in the morning, here’s one more for recipe for pain perdu.

Rainey ThreadgillTravel

I think it’s just as important to travel as it is to have a hobby. I personally can’t imagine a life without travel. Travel allows you to stretch beyond the everyday life with which you’re familiar. Based on my own experiences, travel is one of the few things you can pay for in life that makes you richer. Why do I think so?

Travel broadens and enriches your humanity. It provides perspective on unfamiliar peoples and cultures—peoples and cultures you might not have ever before encountered. The memories you gain through travel can last a lifetime, while leaving you with a flavor of the larger world.

For entrepreneurs, travel isn’t really optional. There are many, many products and services that are universal to nearly all peoples across all borders. If you dream of expanding or opening a business beyond American borders, travel can reveal ways to market and sale your products and services to unfamiliar cultures in culturally respectful and sensitive ways.

Travel allows you to trade the non-stop media messages from your radio, TV, computer, or mobile device for real-world experiences. The mass media in America often distorts the stories, people, and issues it reports on for the sake of brevity, entertainment, and/or politics. Travel can strip all those biases and misinformation away by putting you in the middle of the action and seeing things up-close and firsthand. Travel provides first-person insight into your own biases, distortions, and erroneous views on the world.

Rainey ThreadgillBoating & Fishing

Time spent in a boat can be absolutely magical. During boating and fishing season, I can’t get enough of the sunny blue skies, and the calm, soothing waters as I glide along the waterway. Somedays I prefer to be calm and still on the water, settling into a deep sense of peace as the boat gently rocks in the breeze. I fall into a daydream state of mind just thinking about it. I live for those kinds of moments. Such moments make me feel at once calm and euphoric.

Fishing takes the experience of being on the water to another level. I’m particularly fond fly fishing. I admit, though, due to the demands of running my companies, I don’t get to go fly fishing nearly as often as I’d like.

For me, there’s no experience quite like fly fishing. It has a soothing effect on me that’s almost therapeutic. Make no mistake, though; if you do it right, fly fishing can be highly challenging, too. If you mean to pursue it with any seriousness, it requires great awareness and dedication. And why wouldn’t you pursue it? I can’t count how many times I’ve found myself feeling as breath-taken as I was exhausted after a day on or in the water casting a line.

Nothing in life quite compares to reeling in your fly with a big fish clamped on it; sometimes, even a little fish will do. To anyone reading who hasn’t tried fly fishing, I highly recommend learning to tie a fly, and then casting your line out into the waters.

Rainey ThreadgillTexas Wine

My appreciation for Texas wine runs deep. In fact, I think Texas wine is the very essence of refined and sophisticated; I rarely drink wine from anywhere else.

In fact, I founded and built The Vintage Cellar, in Fredericksburg, TX, on my reverence for great Texas wine. Our motto at The Vintage Cellar was also born of that reverence: Texas Wines: A New Way to Taste Elegance.

But our commitment to Texas wine runs far deeper at The Vintage Cellar. We absolutely, steadfastly, will not do business with any company that doesn’t share our basic business principles—with any company that doesn’t agree with our commitment to ethics. And we refuse to partner with any winery not owned and operated within Texas borders.

All our associated wineries are, in fact, based in and around the Texas Hill Country. As a local business ourselves, we firmly believe in supporting other local businesses in our community.
I invite you to surf by the Vintage Cellar website, and then stop by in person sometime to sample some of the finest wines in Texas. Or come by to relax with a friend or a special someone over a glass of wine. Few experiences in life compare to great relationships experienced over great Texas wine.

Rainey ThreadgillAmerican Football

American football demands strength, teamwork, commitment, strategy—and those are just for starters. Anyone who has played football is familiar with the focus, commitment, and sense of teamwork this uniquely American sport instills in its players.

Players who are serious about winning must remain ever dedicated to one goal—helping the team win. Football is war—plain and simple. Each snap of the ball is a self-contained struggle on a gridiron battlefield. Players stand shoulder-to-shoulder, pad-to-pad, pressing the other team, pulling, pushing, hitting, contesting every yard—every inch—of playing field. The lucky teams stand triumphant on the scoreboard at the end of the game.

During my time in college, I was a punter for the University of Texas at Austin football team. I not only revere football, but neither can I hide my pride in being a Longhorn. Baseball and basketball—among others—have their own singular charms, and are as uniquely American as football. However, they don’t quite compare to the matchless combination of balance, agility, grace, speed, and brutality that is American football. On Saturdays and Sundays during the fall and early winter, you’ll find me catching a game at the stadium or on the big screen. At the very least, you’ll find me on my smartphone, catching up on scores and stats.