Benefits of Social Media for Businesses

Don't use social media to impress people; use it to impact people
-Dave Willis

Social media marketing is an integral part of our brand management strategy at Rainman Creative. In the past couple of years, we’ve become experts at making the most of your social media communications!

There are over 3 billion internet users—and over 2 billion of them have active social media accounts. Popular social media platforms offer valuable data of the customers to the businesses and also help them increase traffic to their websites.

The Rainman Creative team excels in utilizing the functions, features, and capabilities of various social media platforms to create buzz, attract new consumers, and increase your reach while forming lasting connections.

Here are the key points on how social media can benefit your business:

Customer insights

Social media is known to generate huge amount of data of the potential customers for your business. Every day there are over 500 million Tweets, 4.5 billion Likes on Facebook, and 95 million photos and videos uploaded to Instagram.

Understand what people feel about your brand and then easily filter results by location, language, and gender, to get a multi-dimensional view of your market segments. By actively engaging in the various social media platforms, you can gather the customer data and information, that also allows you to gauge customer sentiments, and run real-time reports.

Brand Awareness

Your social media presence increases the customer retention and brand loyalty. According to a study by The Social Habit, 53 percent of Americans who follow brands on social media are more loyal to those brands.

Targeted Ads

To distribute content and promote your business, social ads are an inexpensive way to reach the targeted audience. An ad campaign on LinkedIn lets you segment your audience by location, age, gender, job title, and company. Running an ad in Facebook targets your group based on locations, demographics, behaviors, interests and connections.

Lead Conversion

According to the 2015 Sales Best Practices study from the research institute MHI Global, world-class companies rated social media as the most effective way to identify key decision makers and new business opportunities. Through timely customer service and active regular interaction, Social media increases sales and customer retention.

Customer Experiences

Over 67 percent of consumers opt social media for customer service and they expect fast response times and 24/7 support. A study by Aberdeen Group shows that companies engaging in social customer service see much bigger annual financial gains (7.5 percent YOY growth) vs. those without (2.9 percent). Social media improves the customer experiences and increases the organic reach of your business.

Search Ranking

Social media not only increase your web traffic but also improves your search ranking. This is considered as one of the biggest benefit of social media for your business.


Key information about your competitors can be gained through social media monitoring, that allows you to make strategic decisions in order to improve your business.

Content Curation

Your brand’s social media accounts help to share the content about your business in the shortest possible time to your customers. The accounts also provide an opportunity to curate the user-generated content thereby improving the organic reach to your website.


It is an effective way to share your message or content to the specific audience based on their location. Facebook and twitter provides you with the right type of tools to communicate your content to the specific audience.

Enrich Relationships

Social media creates a dialogue between brands and customers to grow your business. It promotes your brand in a way that the traditional advertising campaigns cannot achieve.