Boost your energy with no coffee

Hey Coffee Breath….

Stay awake and step away from the coffee. Those half-day, physical power outages can really put a damper on your work schedule. Laziness and droopy-eye start to kick in. Reaching for the coffee has become the normal “solution” to the problem. It’s certainly true that coffee offers certain benefits.

However, too much, too often can lead to dependence and that’s harmful to your body and overall wellbeing. I’ve personally stayed away from coffee because of the oral hygiene aspect of it (I detest coffee breath and am terrified of coffee-stained teeth).

Work on your bed time

According to sleep foundation, the adult body needs 7-9 hours of sleep to function properly. When you wake up early, your body doesn’t complete the phases it needs to function properly (e.g., muscle repair, memory consolidation, hormones release and regulation, growth, appetite, etc.).

Lack of sleep can throw off decision making, attention, and concentration. The iPhone alarm app has a feature that lets you know what’s the best time for you to go to sleep if you need to wake up at a certain hour. If you don’t own an iPhone a website called and it does the exact same thing.

Tea time

I recommend teas that provide a pick me up (include caffeine), whilst still being tame enough to avoid the crash. We don’t want to replace coffee with another high pick-me-up. A personal favorite is Matcha green tea, available at the tea isles of your grocery store.

Green tea also has a small amount of caffeine and is a personal favorite. The great fact about tea is that they have many other benefits to the tea, some carry antioxidants, dis-inflammatory, cut down triglycerides, and so many, many more. Just check up on what you need, and I bet there will be a tea for it.

Put down the burger

You’re eating too much or your snacks are too heavy because….food coma. Food coma is a real thing. The clinical term is “postprandial somnolence.” It entails the normal state of drowsiness or lassitude after a meal. When I’m sitting in a chair for too long, I tend to overeat and that, in turn, affects my mood. With work, my time of eating changed for a having a later lunch. Eating and having a small portion gave me a boost and eliminated my problem with workaday lethargy.

More curls more girls

Well yes, exercise is a great thing for your body but in this case we mean a light exercise to not only distract you but to keep you alert. Some businesses (especially the new up and comers) include some sort of gym. Why? Because research shows that regular exercise increases energy levels.

As Elle Woods once said, “Working out release’s endorphins; endorphins make you happy; and happy people don’t kill their husbands.” In this case, happy people do their work. So your office doesn’t have a gym? Excuses, excuses. There are many options for getting your heart rate up. Do some stair work…up and down, up and down. Go for a jog outside. Walk to your breakroom or bathroom or outside and do some pushups (No, you don’t look silly! You look great!).


So whatever the reason is for you to give up coffee, worry not: There are many alternative solutions for preventing or reversing a mid-day crash. One of my all-time personal favorites (I could possibly be doing right now or not) is watching animal videos on YouTube. Those cute little buggers can help you give a break to the monotonous routine of typing or number-crunching on your desk. What are some of your favorite tips to stay awake? Let us know below in the comments.