new technology for 2017

Trending Tech for 2017

As hard as it is to believe, 2017 is nearly half finished. With this entry, I’m looking back and looking forward at tech trends that have so far shaped our rapidly passing year and ones that appear to be generating buzz for the months to come.

LG Signature W7 “Wallpaper” TV

LG’s W series of OLED 4K TVs feature High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatibility, while being a captivating 2.57 millimeters thin (3x thinner than an iPhone). The set’s electrical components are all contained within the accompanying sound bar, which sits beneath the screen.

65” starting at $8,000, at

OmniCharge Portable Battery Pack

The Ominpack is a rechargeable battery with a built in outlet. The size and convenience of this smaller, more-accessible battery are its most compelling features. Its daintiness and immanent portability stands in stark contrast to the big, brick-like dimensions of other batteries. The OmniCharge features a built-in OLED screen, too, allowing you too see how much power you’re expending. This battery has been tested on a TV with no battery.

Omni 13 starting at $199, at

goTenna Mesh
The goTenna Mesh works like a personal, portable Wi-Fi bubble; it goes wherever you go. This gadget creates an on-the-go network with texting and GPS capabilities. Even if there’s a drop in cell service, goTenna Mesh never misses a text or a destination. It’s the perfect companion for outdoor activities, but can be used in all kinds of scenarios.

$149, available for preorder at

Sensorwake Oria
Wake up calls can be brutal, with their intrusive, nonstop ring, ring, ring. Sensorwake Oria gets my vote for new alarm of the year. This system gently wakes you up with different scents. It’s still in beta testing, but sing up for a chance to be one of the beta testers.


See the preview at

Sevenhug’s Smart Remote
Voice control gadgets are one of the biggest trends in tech right now. Companies like Amazon and others pair voice control functionality with remote control. The Sevenhug’s Smart Remote takes the home approach, but without voice (no need to talk to it.) Smart remote lets you control your smart lights, smart thermostat, plus 2,500 other smart-compatible features. The remote’s three sensors let it know where you’re pointing and pull up the options to “dim light,” “turn off,” and “change temperature.” It also works with non-smart stuff, like windows: Simply point and ask for weather. Simple and convenient—but don’t lose it.


$229, available for preorder at

Polaroid Pop
Instant cameras have been resuscitated over the past several years, so Polaroid’s timing on a revamp of its iconic camera couldn’t have been better. Like its previous cameras, this is a hybrid digital camera with its own…wait for it…printer inside. You can also re-route photos from your phone/camera through it for its 3X4 printing. The estimated time of launch is a year. This is one cool gadget that hopefully doesn’t go out of style again.


Launching in late 2017, at

Smartypants Smart Pan
There are kitchen-centric tech gadgets galore in 2017, but we found the Smartypants pan really intriguing. It has a built-in temperature tracker and weight scale. The Smartypants app provides you with recipes you can follow along. But wait there’s more…this smart cooking tool also counts the calories in your meals. The inner pan is good for baking, while the whole pan is dishwasher safe.


$229, available for pre-order at